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How to Get Professional Results Installing Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting fixtures like a hack is easy; however, many common shortcuts can reduce system longevity and cause continuous maintenance issues. For professionals, landscape lighting installation shortcuts not only impact the customer and your reputation but also reflect negatively on the landscape lighting industry as a whole. We provide the resources found in our outdoor lighting resource center in hopes of reinforcing the basics, encouraging the use of best practices, and providing you with a resource to help train new technicians. It is our goal to provide you with the fixtures, accessories and resources to allow your design, artistry and imagination to flow. This is what separates the true exterior lighting professional from the rest of the pack.

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5 Tips to Get Professional Results

Experienced landscape lighting contractors know that to get professional results, you need to:

  1. Use a magnetic core, multi-tap transformer.
  2. Use waterproof direct burial splices.
  3. Have a layout plan that compensates for voltage drop and uses the correct types of fixtures for the landscape lighting effects you desire.
  4. Use high quality landscape lighting fixtures and bulbs.
  5. Have a proper design with proper installation plans.

Bonus Tip: For fine tuning, use a voltmeter to test that each fixture location's voltage is within the operating range listed for that specific fixture (typically between 10.5-12 Volts).

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