VOLT® Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question for us that does not appear in our FAQ, please contact us, we will be glad to assist you!

"Why no free shipping?"

VOLT® Lighting understands the need to purchase products at the best price. We also know that shipping is a real cost and the customer will pay for it one way or the other. Rather than hide those charges in the product cost we determine the shipping cost on an order by order basis. We believe that you should only pay for what is needed to ship the product to you. We have three fully stocked warehouses throughout the U.S. so that we're able to deliver your order quickly by standard Ground service, and we have negotiated shipping discounts with our carriers. We pass on our discounts directly to you helping you to save wherever possible.

"Why can't I return extra light bulbs?"

Light bulbs are perishables and it is impossible for us to know if a bulb has been used once it leaves our facility. We only sell brand new, never used bulbs. To make sure that every customer only receives brand new bulbs we do not accept any returns.

"Are these products hard to install?"

Professionals certainly have the experience, skills, and tools to do the job correctly and you may wish to contact one for a quote. However, if you like the experience of doing the job yourself and feel you have the necessary skills, go right ahead. We provide helpful information in our Learning Center.

"Can I buy VOLT® Products and have a contractor install them?"

Our products are made to industry standards and can be easily installed by a reputable contractor. The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, aolponline.org is a great place to find a qualified contractor.

"How do I know what size transformer to buy?"

The size of the transformer, measured in watts, need to exceed the wattage of all fixtures used in the installation. It is also a good practice to allow a buffer of 20 -30 % to allow for fluctuations in lamps and possible future expansion. For those reasons a 300 watt transformer can be used on a system where 200-225 total watts of lamps/fixtures will be installed.

"Why are there different degrees on MR16 bulbs?"

These ratings refer to the beam spread of the lamp. A 12 degree lamp is very narrow and should only be used where a tightly focused beam of light is needed. A 36 degree lamp is wider but can still be used to provide a nicely focused beam of light for adding an appropriate accent to a landscape feature. A 60 degree lamp is very broad and well suited for general illumination tasks. Feel free to experiment by using different bulbs and seeing how the results can dramatically change the appearance of your landscape.

"Are all products on Landscape Lighting World® low voltage?"

All products within our Landscape Lighting section (including fixtures, accessories, and lamps) are designed for 12V AC systems. These VOLT® fixtures require a 12V Low Voltage Transformer. We also offer line voltage (120V) fixtures in our Outdoor Lighting section.

"I'm getting a different price when I add my selected fixture to my cart, why?"

All VOLT® fixtures have the recommended optional lamp set as the default option. If you hit the "Add to Cart" button before specifying your lamp selection then the default lamp will automatically add to your cart along with the fixture. Example: VOLT's® Top Dog Cast Brass Spotlight (180-Br) defaults with the 3W LED MR16 38° 20W Equivalent lamp. This default lamp will add $15.97 to the fixture price.

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