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  VOLT® Interchangeable Optics
VOLT® Interchangeable Optics
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Available for:
  • G2/G3 Ininfiti™ 30 - 35º
  • G2/G3 Infiniti™ 40 - 35º
  • G2/G3 Infiniti™ 60 - 12º, 24º, 35º

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VOLT Optics:

Product Description

VOLT® Interchangeable Optics

Welcome to the next level of customization for our landscape lighting fixtures;
Our Interchangeable optics allow you to switch beam spreads on the fly and ensure that you always have the most ideal light spread for any application. Changing out the optics is fast, easy, and can be done in the field. Beam spreads can really make or break the way a feature is highlighted and the overall results of adding lighting to a landscape.

How to Change Optics

VOLT® Beam Spread Options

With VOLT®'s interchangeable optics experimenting with different beam spreads and seeing what looks best is even easier than ever so you can get the best results every time.

12º/24º (Works with G2/G3 Infiniti™ 60)
• Narrowing a beam (using a 12º or 24º) for a specific tree, wall, or statue can keep your light spread very tight and accent a smaller area with more focus. This works great for flag poles, narrow trees, and anywhere else the narrow spread would look best.

35º (Works with G2/G3 Infiniti™ 30/40/60)
• Using a 35º gives you a moderate spread that works for almost any application make it great for general purpose lighting or a good starting point for those unsure of what would look better. These are used for most trees, or virtually anywhere you could see landscape lighting.

60º (Comes Standard with G2/G3 Infiniti™ 30/40/60)
• Widening your beam or using a 60º beam spread gives the largest spread of light ideal for flood lighting, wall washing, or moon lighting. The wider beam spread allows the light to fully diffuse covering a larger area giving more of a glow verses a hot spot for lighting up large areas. The 60º also comes as the standard installed optic by default in our G3 Infiniti fixtures.

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Q. Which fixtures will these fit?

A. The optics work only with mentioned products; (2" G2/G3 Infiniti™ 30) (3" 3up G2/G3 Infiniti™ 40) (3" 6up G2/G3 Infiniti™ 60)

Q. Can I use more than one?

A. No. You can only use one optic at a time, however changing optics is very fast and easy.

Q. Will these make my lights brighter or dimmer?

A. The lumen output of your fixture isn't affect however the spread of light itself if widened disperses the same amount of light over a larger area, thus appearing slightly dimmer. While with a smaller beam spread you focus the same light over a smaller area, which can often appear slightly brighter.

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Lifetime Warranty

Landscape Lighting | Interchangeable Optics Warranty Information

    • Residential - Lifetime Warranty
    • Commercial - Lifetime Warranty

Complete VOLT® Warranty Info Click HERE

For more information or to arrange warranty replacement of your VOLT® Interchangeable Optic: 813-978-3700 Monday - Friday from 8am to 8pm EST, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm EST.

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