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Which LED Light Bulb is Best for Me?

VOLT Lighting PAR20 LED Light Bulb‘Which LED light bulb is best for me?’ This question is on the mind of homeowners and business people everywhere as they struggle to replace older less-efficient lighting.  LED technology is making waves in how people want to light their homes, offices, churches and other important buildings.

The following are the most common types – LED light bulb versions now available from VOLT Lighting:

  • A19 Bulbs: (bulbous shaped) Most common type – all-purpose – used in table lamps, sconces, and torchieres.
  • BR30 & BR40 Bulbs: (Cone shaped with rounded head) Used in recessed light fixtures and flood-type fixtures.
  • R20 Bulbs: (similar in shape to BR-types but smaller and shorter) Used in recessed light fixtures and sconces
  • PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 Bulbs: (conical shaped with flat tops) Used in recessed light fixtures, security-type flood lights, most outdoor bulbs are this type
  • Candelabra Bulbs: (shaped like a candle flame) Used in decorative light fixtures and candelabras.
  • GU10 Bulbs: (small bulbs with bi-pin base – knob style) Used in track lighting and miniature indoor spot lights or recessed lights.
  • MR16 Bulbs: (same shape and size as GU10 bulbs, but are low voltage – 12V) Used in landscape lighting and 12-volt indoor track lights.

LED Light Bulbs – The Difference Between Low Quality & High Quality

LED chip quality – The component in an LED light bulb that actually produces the light is the LED chip (or an array of chips connected together). These tiny chips are composed of layers of rare and sensitive materials that require very high-tech facilities to manufacture. There are only a few sources of LEDs in the world that can produce LED chips with consistent color and guaranteed longevity. Inferior chips can have color variations that can create greenish or pinkish hues right out of the box; or they may look OK in the beginning then gradually change color as they age. In the same way, the LED light bulbs brightness may diminish in time. Or, the light bulb may start to flicker.

Unlike many of the inexpensive big-box-store LED light bulbs, VOLT Lighting manufacturers bulbs from the best quality LED chips – and supplies a lifetime residential warranty as evidence of the manufacturer’s trust in these LED chips.

Accuracy of manufacturer info – LEDs are known to have long lifespans but just how long? Manufacturers of the best LED chips test the lifespan of the chips using the LM80 test procedure. This is a test performed in a laboratory with the bare chip under controlled conditions. It is not a test with the chip inside an LED light bulb. When you put a chip inside an enclosed space, it can get very hot and have a reduced life. Inexpensive LED light bulbs do not do the necessary research and development to optimize the thermal management – so, many of these bulbs overheat and suffer from reduced life. This is in spite of the fact that these same manufacturers make long lifetime claims. VOLT® Lighting with a fully equipped research and development team, is extremely confident that the long life indicated by the original LM80 tests will translate to the LED light bulb life..

Design of the LED bulb – Ordinary consumers may not be able to determine what design is right or wrong, but reading and analyzing information on packages and asking the right questions will greatly help them make the right choice. The design is an important consideration because buyers are able to determine the temperature at which the LED chip, LED driver, heat sink or the cooling fins will work. Lower working temperature for the chip and driver means a longer life for the LED light bulb as a whole. Similarly, better heat sink or cooling fin performance makes the light bulb cooler and live longer.


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