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VOLT® Lighting Featured on ‘Outback Nation’ TV Show

Tampa, FL | May 26, 2015

A recent episode of "Outback Nation" (a home improvement series on the FYI Network*) featured VOLT® Lighting as part of a backyard transformation.

In this episode (“ Alligators in the Backyard”), the show’s host, Jamie Durie, is invited to the Farley family home in Merritt Island, Florida. The challenge was a property completely overgrown with tropical vegetation and infested with alligators, armadillos, and snakes. It had reached a point where none of the family felt safe in their own backyard.

Durie’s crew cleared the property then designed and installed new hardscaping, gardens, and recreational areas. Landscape lighting was a crucial part of the project.

The growing trend of creating “outdoor living spaces” makes landscape lighting a necessity – families want to enjoy the spaces even when the sun goes down. Recognizing this need, Jamie Durie specifically requested VOLT® Lighting – a brand known for its durability and performance.

Several types of lighting fixtures were used. Spotlights were installed in the ground to uplight the beautiful palms. Path lights were positioned along newly installed sidewalks. Deck lights were mounted inside the artist’s pavilion.

Landscape lighting on a project like this has many functions.

  • Security. An illuminated landscape deters intruders (including alligators!) and makes them easier to spot if they do invade.
  • Safety. Lighting along paths ensures safe navigation around the property. It prevents trips and falls, especially important for the elderly.
  • Beauty. A skillful lighting design reveals the natural beauty of the landscape and sets moods that elicit feelings of comfort and joy.
  • Functionality. Each outdoor living area needs lighting appropriate to its use. For example, seating areas in this project needed less light than did the lacrosse practice field. The interior of the artist pavilion needed to be fairly dark so the occupant could see the outdoor waterway without internal glare – this was accomplished uses deck lights mounted low on the walls.
  • Environmental Responsibility. Fixtures used for this project featured LED light sources. LED’s use less than 20% of the energy of typical bulbs and contribute zero waste to the environment. The path lights and deck lights project no light above the horizon so they are “Dark Sky friendly” and do not contribute to light pollution nor light trespass**.

The final result of this project was a backyard that greatly expanded the living space of the Farley family – both during the day and night. Viewers of the episode will be impressed with how fast the project was completed, and how ecstatic the family became. The VOLT® Lighting team was pleased to be part of this effort.

All homeowners are encouraged to consider landscape lighting projects for their properties. The benefits are many, and it may be easier than they expect. Homeowners can take advantage of VOLT®’s landscape lighting kits, design the system themselves, or hire a professional to design and install the lights.

About VOLT® Lighting
VOLT® Lighting is a factory-direct supplier of high-quality, low-cost indoor and outdoor lighting products and systems. The company features exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and lifetime warranties. For more information call 813-978-3700 or email (customersupport@voltlighting.com).

* FYI Network is a part of the A&E Networks.

**VOLT® Lighting is a corporate partner of the International Dark-Sky Association an organization dedicated to the responsible use of lighting to best preserve natural resources and the beauty of the nighttime sky.

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