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LED landscape lighting is fast becoming the predominant choice for most landscape lighting designers and contractors. Three factors that make VOLT® LED landscape and garden lighting so popular are luminosity, light quality and durability. VOLT® uses industry leading photometric techniques to ensure the maximum light output per watt consumed for each of our LED landscape lighting fixtures. VOLT® also makes use of the highest quality Light Emitting Diodes and driver technology to ensure each and every one of our LED landscape lighting fixtures produce consistent and natural light, making our LED fixtures indistinguishable from standard high quality halogen fixtures. Our super-efficient designs allow our all-in-one integrated LED landscape lighting fixtures to outlast the competition and for this reason be covered by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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Why LED for landscape lighting?

LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is a highly efficient and reliable form of landscape lighting. LED light bulbs use less than 50% of the wattage consumed by fluorescent bulbs and less than 25% of the wattage consumed by incandescent bulbs, LED landscape lighting par36while still emitting the same amount of light. Their semiconductor-based structure allows LED light bulbs to be much more rugged than traditional light bulbs.

Advances in LED landscape lighting technology has tremendously lowered the manufacturing cost of our high quality LED fixtures while simultaneously improving quality. It is because of these advances that the popularity of LED lights has grown so significantly in recent years. In fact, it is estimated that LED technology will make up 80% of the general illumination market by 2020, and the US Department of Energy has set the goal of using LED lights to reduce electric lighting consumption by 50% by 2025.

LED lights are desirable in landscape design for numerous reasons. Even the smallest of high quality LED fixtures can produce tremendous light output and LED lamps can be made in virtually and shape or size. This flexibility allows for more creative design. LED landscape lights do not emit UV rays, so they do not attract insects. Because they do not get as hot as traditional light bulbs, there is less danger of using LED lights near plants and trees. They also do not contain harmful materials, whereas some fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury which can harm both people and the environment should one break.

Low voltage LED landscape light bulbs are now available in different color temperature options. So, you can achieve distinct aesthetic effects for various applications. From a candlelight glow, to a warm white for a relaxed setting, to a cool moonlight effect. LED landscape lighting gives the designer a palette to work with.

In the long run LED landscape lighting is more reliable, efficient, affordable, and last longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. As LED technology continues to advance, and as the applications in which LED lights are used expand, these lights are quickly becoming the standard for both professionals and everyday do-it-yourself homeowners.

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