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VOLT® Lighting Releases New Line of affordable & Advanced LED PAR36 Bulbs

Tampa, FL | June 10, 2015

VOLT PAR36 landscape lighting bulb for well lightsVOLT® Lighting announced today the release of a new line of LED PAR36 bulbs (also known as lamps). These low voltage bulbs are among the most common types used in low voltage landscape lighting. They are typically found in well lights and other lighting fixtures that are set in the ground.

This announcement was long anticipated among VOLT's customers (homeowners and professionals - both groups dissatisfied with previous LED versions of these bulbs). The challenge among manufacturers has been to produce an LED PAR36 bulb that can be submerged in water and survive the type of environmental abuse common to PAR36 installations. The new VOLT® line survives these challenges through robust engineering and advanced protective circuitry.

The many features and benefits of these bulbs include:

  • Will replace a wide variety of existing PAR36 lamps: 20W, 35W, and 50W; & beam spreads of 35º and 60º.
  • Fits into all VOLT® PAR36 fixtures and accepts frosted and diffusion lenses.
  • Consumes 75% less energy than equivalent halogen lamps
  • Waterproof (IP68) with stainless steel contacts - especially great for areas prone to flooding.
  • Accepts wide range of voltage (8-18V AC) for maximum flexibility in system design.
  • Will not interfere with wireless devices such as garage door openers and sound systems
  • Circuitry protects from overheating & electrostatic discharge.
  • Dimmable
  • High efficiency, extra long life Cree® chipset
  • ETL Listed to UL Standard, FCC Compliant, RoHs

VOLT LED PAR36 Bulb for low voltage landscape lighting applicationsPerhaps most important are the safety improvements with the new VOLT® LED bulbs; older halogen & incandescent PAR36 bulbs have always been problematic due to their extremely high operating temperatures. There was always a risk that children would be burned by inadvertently touching these landscape lights. And, that fires would start when the fixtures were covered by leaves or mulch. The new VOLT® PAR36 bulbs prevent both problems by cooler operating temperatures and built-in overheating protection.

All VOLT® PAR36 bulbs carry a lifetime warranty.

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