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Professional quality brands is ALL we carry.  There is a good reason.  With other lighting applications, choosing a fixture is all about style--longevity and performance is similar regardless of price or brand.  Not so with landscape lighting--choosing a fixture is all about performance and battling corrosion. 
Landscape fixtures are outside, at ground level and exposed to the worst conditions for electrical components.  Consequently fixtures manufactured to based on low cost have very short life spans.  You see the same story over and over, home center lighting or cheap imports that are discarded after just a couple years, because of corrosion.
Professional brands are high performance and built to last.  If you are a contractor, you owe it to your clients to buy a quality product that will last long after you have been paid.  Cheaper brands may look the same in a picture, but the difference will be seen in after the first year.
If your client is price sensitive (like most clients), we offer professional products for just a fraction more than your typical disposable consumer lighting.  Now that you have found America's wholesale source for professional lighting, you can afford to give your clients quality.
On a personal note, regardless of brand, aluminum is the worst option for landscape lighting and only even made by manufactures due to pressures to reduce price.  The reality is brass is significantly superior for landscape lighting applications.
Note:  any item pictured on this website is stocked in our warehouse and shipped out immediately.  We strive to bring the best value and stock as many items as possible to minimize custom ordering.  If there is a workhorse item you would like us to stock, please let us know.
Items not pictured are special ordered.  Special orders are processed the same day and typically sent out by the manufacturer 24-48 hours after your order is placed.  Pricing on in stock items is always significantly less than special ordered items due to the inefficiency of special ordering. 
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