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VOLT® Lighting Addresses Safety and Security with New Turret Top Well Light

Tampa, FL | September 15, 2015

Brass Bully Turret Top Well LightVOLT® Lighting announced today the introduction of a new light that helps prevent injuries and theft. This durable low voltage landscape light, the Brass Bully Turret Top Well Light features a low profile and produces 360º illumination across a surface. When installed on decks, docks, and patios, the light prevents trips and falls while deterring intruders.

Stephen Parrott, VOLT's Communication Director, explains how this new product fits into VOLT's growing line of landscape lighting fixtures, "The Turret Top is a great example of how beauty and functionality meet. The cast brass construction and natural bronze finish ensure a lifetime of beauty in the landscape, while the precise engineering and high quality light source ensure perfect functioning year after year. This is one of my favorite fixtures - an inspired piece of illumination engineering."

Lighting designers are often faced with the need for low profile lights that can withstand high-traffic pedestrian areas. Of special concern are the edges of decks, docks, and piers. These locations require that walking surfaces be illuminated to prevent trips and falls; but most traditional fixtures can, themselves, be tripping hazards. Since the majority of the Turret Top Light is below the surface, only the top is exposed and does not interfere with pedestrian traffic.

These same docks and piers also present a security hazard since they are potential entry points for intruders. The challenge for the lighting designer is to provide lighting sufficient to deter and detect intruders while maintaining a low-key waterfront ambiance. The new Turret Top light satisfies this security need since it spreads illumination across the surfaces but does not spill light into the eyes of the waterside occupants.

There are other uses for this fixture that take advantage of its unique star-shaped illumination. When used in garden beds, patios, and other hardscapes, the illumination provides visual interest and functions as a transitional element in a lighting scene.

Parrott discusses other product features, “The sturdy watertight construction of the entire Brass Bully Well Light Series ensures that the internal light source (LED or halogen) will continue to function year after year. In addition, the cast brass is unmatched in its resistance to physical damage. Professionals won’t find a more durable or dependable fixture on the market - all backed by a lifetime warranty.”

For more information, view the VOLT® Brass Bully Turret Top Well Light Product Video, Installation Video, and Web Page.

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