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  VOLT® 75 Watt (12v & 15v) Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer for Landscape Lighting
Low Voltage Multi tap Transformers
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  • High Performance Magnetic Core
  • Multi-Tap 12 & 15V, Built-In Timer
  • Lifetime Warranty

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VOLT® 75 Watt 12 & 15v Multi-Tap Transformer

Download the Transformer Quick Start Guide PDF

VOLT® 75W Landscape Lighting Transformers feature top-of-line internal and external components for professional results and commercial reliability. Truly, the perfect solution for a small landscape lighting system. This extremely reliable, energy-efficient, and quiet transformer will last a lifetime. The stainless steel body deters rust and maintains integrity even in corrosive outdoor environments.

The 12- and 15-volt taps give you choices for fixtures that are either far or near the transformer; or for wire runs that have heavy loads. Convenient stainless steel mounting bracket, removable door, and removable lower plate make installation an easy process.

Built-in mechanical timer allows for easy system programming. Photocell receptacle allows your transformer to be fully programmed to daylight scheduling.

Since wiring can be difficult on a transformer with a very small body cavity, our VOLT® 75W Multi-Tap Transformer features approximately 35% larger openings than other similar models. That allows you to organize your incoming lines and make connections without hassle.

Easily one of the best low voltage transformers on the market. Don't settle on any lesser quality! Order your commercial-grade low voltage transformer today from VOLT®.

VOLT 75 Watt 12&15v Multi-Tap Transformer

VOLT® 75 Watt 12 & 15v Multi-Tap Transformer Features:

  • Stainless steel case
  • Built-in stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Custom colored coded wire management kit
  • Cabinet Dimensions: Length 6.88" (including mounting bracket) Width 3.75" Height 4.25"
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Input Voltage: 120V A/C
  • Output Voltage: 12v and 15v A/C
  • Premium components, windings, primary and secondary circuits
  • Magnetic EI Laminated Core
  • Protection: Magnetic circuit breaker on the secondary; Automatic thermal breaker in the core.
  • Low voltage transformer designed specifically for outdoor lighting and landscape lighting professionals.
  • Delivers stable voltage
  • Built in mechanical timer
  • Photocell ready port (photocell not included)
  • Only draws as much electricity as needed to illuminate the bulbs you have -- e.g. a 75w transformer will only draw 40w of power if you only have 40 watts of bulbs hooked to it. The 75w refers to the maximum capacity. (General guideline: Do not load a transformer to greater than 80% of its capacity.)
  • Includes a 5 1/2 ft line voltage power supply cord. Not designed to be hardwired or for use with an extension cord, doing so will void any warranties
  • This 75W transformer is approved for outdoor use only. Please read the product detail information of other VOLT® transformers to select one approved for indoor use, if needed for an indoor application.
  • Warranty: Core & Housing - Lifetime | Other Electrical Components - 5 years

Transformer Instructions

Quick Start General:

  1. The transformer plugs into an exterior GFI outlet. Do not use extension cords with transformers.
  2. Each 300w circuit has its own circuit breaker (toggle switch) and Common (Black label that says COM). E.g. a 300w transformer has 1 COMMON TERMINAL, 600w transformers have 2 COMMON TERMINALS, 900w transformers have 3 COMMON TERMINALS, a 1200w transformer has 4 300w COMMON TERMINALS.
  3. Use COMMON TERMINAL #1 until you begin to approach 300 watts of lamps used (for example when you reach 250-275 watts), then start using COMMON #2, and so on.
  4. This 75W transformer is suitable for outdoor use only.

Connecting Home Runs to the transformer:

  1. The home run cable (e.g. 10/2 or 12/2) has two wires. One wire gets connected to the COMMON TERMINAL (black label that says COM), the other wire connects to a VOLTAGE TERMINAL (the colored labels that say 12, 13,14, etc). Which VOLTAGE TERMINAL you connect that particular wire on depends on the voltage you need for that run. This is a MULTI-TAP transformer, which means you can output at a variety of voltages to compensate for VOLT DROP (see our learning area for more information on layouts and voltage drop). For example, if you have a long run of 100 feet you may need to use the 15v VOLTAGE TERMINAL in order to have 12v of power all the way out at the far away fixtures.
  2. You can hook up multiple home runs to each and any of the terminals. For example you may have 6 home runs, in which case you would have 6 wires in the same COM terminal and the other half of the 10-2 wires go into the colored terminals. The VOLTAGE TERMINALS can have multiple runs/wires in each tap as well.
  3. To connect a home run wire to the terminals, split the 10-2 or 12-2 wire down the middle to separate the two wires and strip half an inch of insulation off each wire. One end goes in the COM terminal, the other into a voltage terminal. Loosen the terminal screws (small flat head screw driver) and insert the wire into the terminal opening which is located at the bottom (90 degrees from the terminal screw facing the bottom of the transformer). Tighten screw to secure wire(s).


  1. Low voltage wire does not have polarity, it does not matter which of the 2 wire connects to the COMMON TERMINAL and which to the VOLTAGE TERMINAL, as long as one wire goes to each.
  2. Optional timers and photocells plug right into the transformer ports labeled and located inside the cabinet.
  3. It is easier to see and insert the wires into their terminals when the transformer is lying on the ground. Affix all your wires BEFORE mounting the transformer.

VOLT Outdoor Lighting Transformer Troubleshooting


  1. First check that there is power at the GFI outlet. Do not assume there is power. Check it with a Voltmeter and make sure there is ~120v AC.
  2. If you have a timer please unplug/remove it. They are often a source of failure. Test the Timer Outlet inside the transformer cabinet with a Voltmeter. You should have 120v AC there as well. If you do, go ahead and plug the timer receptacle cord back into the timer receptacle outlet (the short cord inside the transformer cabinet needs to be plugged into the socket inside the cabinet) to complete the circuit or the transformer will not operate.
  3. If you have a photocell installed, please remove it. Then put the jumper cable back into the photocell receptacle port to complete the circuit or the transformer will not operate. Be sure the jumper is pushed down tight. If you have a photocell in the transformer will not turn on when it is light out. Even if you cover up the photocell there is a delay (the photocell needs to be covered for about 1 minute before it will allow the transformer to turn on).
  4. Make sure all the toggle switches are in the “ON” position (UP). The toggle switches are circuit breakers and can trip if there is a surge, overload or short. Sometimes the circuit breakers themselves can fail.
  5. Now it’s time to test the secondary side (low voltage taps/ multi-tap). Do not use the screws facing forward to test for voltage, put a voltmeter in the “garage door style opening” that hold the cable (on the underneath side of the outdoor transformer). Put one voltmeter prong on the common, the other on a tap (eg 12v tap or 15v tap). You should read anywhere from 12v AC to 22V AC depending on which tap you are testing. If you do not get any voltage, remove any wires (home run wires) from the common and the taps you are testing and try again without any load.

If you are not getting voltage at any of these points:

  1. The Timer Receptacle Outlet
  2. The Secondary Side (low voltage Taps/Commons)

Then call Landscape Lighting World for further assistance (813) 978-3700 and let us know you have gone through the “5 Point Transformer Troubleshooting Checklist.”


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Lifetime Warranty

Low Voltage Transformer Warranty Information

    Stainless Steel Housing - Lifetime
    Magnetic Core - Lifetime
    Other Integrated Electrical Components - 5 Years
    Non-Integrated Photo Cells, Digital Timers & Mechanical Timers - 1 Year

    Stainless Steel Housing - Lifetime
    Magnetic Core - Lifetime
    Other Integrated Electrical Components - 5 Years
    Non-Integrated Photo Cells, Digital Timers & Mechanical Timers - 1 Year

Complete VOLT® Warranty Info Click HERE

For more information or to arrange warranty replacement of your VOLT® Low Voltage Transformer: 813-978-3700 Monday - Friday from 8am to 8pm EST, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm EST.

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Very impressed with the quality November 20, 2016
Reviewer: Kim Mattle from Rochester, NY United States  
Bought two transformers, vary easy to install, and set up. They are great looking, and well built.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
75 Watt Transformer October 31, 2016
Reviewer: Builder from Clovis, CA United States  
The transformer arrived super quick like usual and the transformer was built even better than i thought it would be

Volt has the best stuff

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
75 Watt Low Voltage Transformer October 7, 2016
Reviewer: Richard Jones from Uvalde, TX United States  
I am very pleased and impressed with the quality of the Transformer, it is very sturdy and looks to be of good quality that will last very well in the weather.  It's small and unobtrusive.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Replacement September 25, 2016
Reviewer: Bryan Sieber from Bradenton, FL United States  
Wow, what a difference!  Our former 75 watt VOLT transformer finally gave up the ghost after a year and a half. It was installed by Rich of Three Seasons Landscape, Palmetto, in August of 2015.  Like most everything else he did on our property, it was a slip-shod operation.  He probably sold us an old used unit that he knew was on it's way out.  It sounded like an electric coffee grinder when it ran. He created a bunch of headaches for us with his lack of knowledge and poor work ethic. But that is for another time.( We never got any warranty papers on anything he sold to us) So, we now have this new 75 watt transformer that is wonderful. Keeps perfect time and is SILENT!!  Love it. (You can come get your old piece of hardware, Rich) Thank you!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Transformer with timer is great. June 27, 2016
Reviewer: Michelle from Syracuse, NY United States  
I ordered the transformer and did not realize the timer was built in so had also ordered the photo sensor. However we decided we wanted to use the time instead. When we went to set the timer we could not turn the dial. I called customer service and they walked me through a few steps and nothing worked. I shipped it back and sent me a new one. No hassles and everyone I talked to was fabtastic. Works great!

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