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Common Landscape Lighting Fixtures

There are many different low voltage landscape lighting fixtures available to create a dramatic effect and highlight your house's architecture and features.

Spotlights - They are also known as up-lights, directional lights, bullets, down lights, and floodlights. Spotlights are very versatile landscape lighting fixtures because they are able to support a large variety of bulbs, beam widths, and wattages. Uplighting trees is one of the most common uses for these lighting fixtures. The most popular landscape lighting spotlighting techniques are highlighting, silhouetting, shadowing, grazing, moonlighting, spotlighting, floodlighting.

Path and Area Lights - Path lights will aim the light down and to the side of the fixture, lighting up paths and walkways. Area lights also aim the lights down, however, they light up the entire area around the fixture. They can be used to light pathways, but also work well to highlight other areas of the home such as a landscape bed. Be sure to pick a path light or area light that is aesthetically pleasing since they will be the most visible.

Floodlights - A great way to add more security and to light up your yard at night is to install floodlights. Even though spotlights can act as floodlights, they are not specifically made for that purpose. Floodlights have a much higher wattage and wider angle than spotlights. They are usually used in 120 volt or commercial applications.

Wallwashes - These are essentially floodlights with lower wattages, specifically no more than 20 watts. They are used in softer lighting applications such as illuminating the side of a house. If used as a floodlight, it will brighten up a yard with a more gentle light.

Well Lights - When you want to up-light without showing the fixture, a well light is the best way to do so. These lights use PAR 36 bulbs, making them very strong. Well lights are commonly used for up lighting large trees, columns and commercial buildings. When using these landscape lighting fixtures, make sure the tops are tightly sealed because moisture from the ground can easily corrode them.

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