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June 23rd, 2014 - Published HERE.

VOLT® Lighting Introduces New Line of Integrated LED Recessed Downlights

VOLT® Lighting Introduces New Line of Integrated LED Recessed Downlights

(Tampa, FL June 23, 2014) – VOLT® Lighting announced today the addition of a new line of energy-efficient integrated LED Recessed Lighting. These LED fixtures are designed to replace existing incandescent or halogen bulbs and the recessed reflectors and rings that house them.

The addition of LED recessed lighting to VOLT®’s LED lineup is another step in the company’s strategy to provide energy-saving LED replacements for all commonly used bulbs and fixtures. This effort comes on the heels of legislation that mandates eventual replacement of all high-wattage lights. The legislation has been phasing-in since 2007 while homeowners and businesses scramble to find affordable replacements.

Recessed lights are popular targets for replacement since they typically use up to 120 watts each. LED replacements of equivalent brightness can consume 80% less energy. VOLT®, a company that specializes in both indoor and outdoor lighting products, introduces this new line that can be used in any indoor and outdoor application (UL listed for both wet and dry locations). One model features an articulated holder (eyeball type) so the light can be angled for more precise lighting.

Company engineers also focus on aesthetics and cite the cleaner (more streamlined) appearance of the integrated fixtures compared to the recessed bulbs they replace (although the company also sells LED light bulbs for those who wish to keep a similar appearance). Installation of a VOLT® recessed fixture is as easy as changing a light bulb and takes less than 2 minutes – accomplished simply and easily, without tools. All VOLT® fixtures and bulbs project a soft white light indistinguishable from the incandescent or halogen bulbs they replace (R20, PAR20, BR30, and BR40).

Alan Brynjolfsson, VOLT® Lighting president, explains the importance of this product launch, “Never before has the lighting industry changed so fast. Pushed by energy-saving legislation and growing consumer demand, many producers are rushing untested products to market. Consumers are lost among the choices – many of them unfamiliar and expensive. Our approach is to invest in the development and research of solid LED solutions and bring them to market so efficiently everyone can afford high quality LED products. Consumers who buy VOLT® know they are getting the best product for the best price.”

Richard Ferraro, Director of Operations, said, “Explaining the benefits of our LEDs is simple – unconditional lifetime warranty, perfect color match to incandescent bulbs, high quality light output and dimmability – all at a great price. The feedback we get after purchase is 100% positive, and virtually everyone prefers the VOLT® LED products to the incandescent ones they replace.”

The bottom line is that while VOLT® is one of many companies bringing LED retrofits to market, it offers distinct advantages to the consumer – in product quality, delivery, service, and price.

About VOLT® Lighting

Based in Tampa, Florida, VOLT® Lighting manufactures and distributes high-performance indoor and outdoor lighting products. VOLT®’s line of durable outdoor LED fixtures and indoor LED light bulbs carry an unconditional lifetime warranty.

For more details, visit the company at voltlighting.com or contact them at customersupport@voltlighting.com or 1-813-978-3700.

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