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Bulbs and Fixtures

It is important to purchase quality outdoor bulbs for the landscape lighting fixtures. You should also purchase replacement bulbs to prevent the "cascading effect." in a yard. This happens when one bulb in a run burns out, transferring more wattage to the next bulbs, causing them to burn out prematurely. In addition to replacement bulbs, alternate wattage is also smart so you can experiment with the bulbs to find which best suits the fixture.

Recommendations for the amount of wattage that should be used for certain applications include:

Spotlights/Bullets/Direction/Up-Lights - Use 35 watts for most applications, 20 watts for gentle illumination, and 50 watts for high powered applications.

Path and Area Lights - Use 20 watts for most applications and 10 watts for subtle lighting

Wallwashes and Floods - Use 20 watts for wallwashes and 50 watts for flood lighting

Well Lights - Use 35 watts for most applications and 50 watts for large trees

Beam Spreads - Beam angles only use MR-16 bulbs. Spreads include: 12 degree narrow spot, 24 degree standard spot, 36 degree standard flood, and 60 degree wide flood.

Following these recommendations will help to increase the life of your bulbs and create the perfect lighting effects to boost the lighting appeal of a home.

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